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Wade Calvert

Wealth Advisor, Owner

What does wealth mean to me?

Wealth to me means freedom. Specifically, I believe that you are “free” when the cash flow from your investments is enough to cover all your essential expenses. When you reach that point, you have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time. Maybe it is going on a family vacation, or perhaps it is pursuing a passion project; whatever drives you and energizes you, you are now able to pursue that without having to think about the financial implications of a particular decision. In my mind that is freedom.

What inspires me about the work I do?

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by investing and the markets. My mother joined an investment club when I was 13 years old, and I have been immersing myself in information ever since. My experience was unique, and unfortunately, most people never learn about finance or investing. Our schools fail to teach this critical skill.

I have a passion for investing and for teaching people about the markets. I get inspired by being able to share a new way of investing, focusing on cash flow, that many people have never experienced. I believe this empowers people and makes them better overall investors.

Why do I work with business owners?

Entrepreneurs and business owners think differently. They are go-getters and calculated risk-takers. They have different needs than other individuals. Different needs require different guidance.

My father ran his own lifestyle business for many years, and it allowed him to live a comfortable life. However, when he was ready to exit no one was there to guide him through the process. Most financial advisors get paid by managing assets, yet most business owners have most of their wealth tied up in their business. The traditional advisory model is broken.

I have worked tirelessly to create a new model that allows me to work side by side with business owners. The result is creating a more resilient company that allows the owner to maximize the value of their company and to exit confidently, whether it is in 1 year or 20 years.

Fun fact most people may not know about me:

I enjoy hiking and traveling and try to visit at least one new national park every year.